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Activities at the Resort!

Archery – being the oldest traditional game of the region during winters, we offer this game at the resort for our guests to enjoy and have a thrilling experince with traditional bow and arrows.

Hiking & Bonfire – There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy nature throughout the year, with a river perfect for fishing nearby and hiking in the mountins around just in case you are curious to find where the mountain trails go. Well who doesn’t love bonfires! on guests’ request, the resort offers bonfire in the evening and one can enjoy toast- ing foods over the fire and enjoy an awesome bonfire evening.

Star Gazing – Whether you are an avid astronomy fan or one who loves gazing the stars, at the resort we offer the facility of star gazing through sophisticated telescopes and binoculars at night. You might enjoy sitting under the clear sky on the terrace at night and enjoy this awesome experience.

Camping & Bike Tours

The Suru River View

Spectacularly situated amidst the magnificent mountains along the stunning Suru River, this charming resort blends harmoniously with its intrinsically beautiful surroundings. The resort offers the perfect setting for travellers who are seeking the ultimate relaxation and tranquillity.

Build based on village theme and Ladakhi architectural style, this breath-taking resort welcomes guests with warm hospitality and a truly unrivalled experience. Guests will find themselves immersed in the rich culture of the area, surrounded by refined elegance.

Guests are invited to dine in style in the restaurant, and relax on the terrace revelling in the breath-taking beauty of the surroundings. For indescribable beauty and a truly unparalleled experience, guests often visit the local villages by cycle or bike rides.